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Any comedy fan, and in fact everyone with a TV watching comedy shows, will be more than familiar with TV host and award-winning, critically acclaimed comedian Zoe Lyons. What may be less known is how things have been for Zoe in the past couple of years privately. Well, it’s been a lot, and she’s put together a brand new live show entitled Bald Ambition to take on tour in 2023 which includes her North East dates at The Witham (Saturday 11th) and The Stand (Sunday 12th February).

Zoe had what she describes as “a late, monumental midlife crisis” after turning 50, and then some. This involved buying a sports car, having a brief marital separation from her partner of 23 years and running a 100k ultra marathon which really didn’t end well. She even turned her back on her career and started delivering vegetables from a van.

Along the way her hair horrifyingly decided the best thing to do was abandon ship – hence the tour’s title. As she’s said: “It isn’t easy being a middle-aged woman but try doing it with a combover!” Thankfully Zoe has now been able to explore the funny side of all these disconcerting twists and life turns. So, it’s time to sell the silly car and try and put the wheels back on her life and she’s here to tell us all about that.

Zoe Lyons performs at The Witham, Barnard Castle on Saturday 11th and The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 12th February.

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