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Young Legionnaire are the happy result of an accumulation of stray members of other successful bands in hiatus. Guitarist and vocalist Paul Mullen from yourcodenameis:milo and The Automatic, bassist Gordon Moakes of Bloc Party fame and drummer Dean Pearson (I don’t know think Dean is a member of a band in hiatus, but I’d hate to spoil a narrative…) have formed a kind of mini super-group, and it is pretty super.

Paul’s sinister guitar playing is as raucous as ever, but it is his distinctive searing voice that gives Young Legionnaire the edge over other bands; melodic when it needs to be but fully rocking out when the heavy beats kick in. The superb in-the-pocket drumming of Pearson and often fuzzed-out rhythmic bass of Moakes provide the ideal platform for Mullen to do his thing.

Playing The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Monday 1st August, they’ll be joined by EAT FAST, the near-mythical local scuzzy pop group, who will provide a fittingly fuzzy rock support. We’re pretty sure this one will be a sell out, so I recommend buying tickets early!

Young Legionnaire and EAT FAST play The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Monday 1st August.


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