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Back in the mid to late eighties, a BBC comedy show followed the trials and tribulations of MP Jim Hacker’s unexpected elevation to the level of Prime Minister. Its highly humorous depictions of life in high office – which were often inspired by true stories from inside sources, published material and meetings with several civil servants – struck a chord with people in the latter years of Thatcher’s rule, winning it several BAFTAs and being voted sixth in a poll of Britain’s Best Sitcom. Nearly thirty years on from its first screening, we’re under another Tory government (for a little while more at least) and Yes, Prime Minister is being revived by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn for a timely nationwide tour.

In a world where we have The Thick Of It and Malcolm Tucker’s stupendously inventive curses, you might think the idea of reviving an 80s sitcom for the stage is a bit antiquated. Luckily, Jay and Lynn have updated the story of the unlikely leader to fit today’s (comic) realities of government. Jim Hacker, now governing with a threadbare majority in parliament, is facing yet another crisis. Thanks to a divided cabinet and the failing economy, he’s struggling to keep the lid on as things start spinning farcically out of control, aided (or possible hindered) by his servant Sir Humphrey and Bernard.

With less than a month to go until our own general election, it’s a chance to see the funny side of politics while our leaders are attempting to put on their best game face to win over those pesky floating voters.

Yes, Prime Minister comes to The People’s Theatre between Thursday 21st and Saturday 25th April.

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