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There’s an air of mystery surrounding three-piece Londoners Yak. Although they’ve released a bit of a barnstorming debt single in the shape of Plastic People, there’s very little concrete information out there about them. It’s rumoured that one of them used to moonlight in Peace and that frontman Oli Burslem used to be in a kind of psych-rock supergroup that promptly disappeared off the face of the planet but apart from that, your guess is as good as mine. But none of that really matters does it? We should let the music do the talking: that’s what the band will be doing when they come to Sunderland’s Independent on Friday 30th January.

If you’re wondering what exactly Yak sound like, then they’re somewhat like Strange House-era Horrors filtered through a Sonic Youth vortex with Julian Casablancas thrown into that not-so-scary void. In other words, they are loud and uncompromisingly shouty with their post-punk but have a little bit of an art-rock tinge (possibly picked up from Thurston Moore, whom Burslem is said to know). They could well be the Next Big Thing if the current hype surrounding them is anything to go by, so grab your chance to see them while they’re still playing intimate venues.

Yak play at Sunderland’s Independent on Friday 30th January.

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