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Image by Travis Wright

Lots of artists use music to tell stories; songs can often be their own mini-narrative encapsulating moments of emotion, or momentous events. Few take it as far as artist and producer XENNON, however. His upcoming album, Dark Of A Distant World, goes all in on its atmospheric concept.

Taking a leaf out of Starset or Coheed & Cambria’s book, XENNON has built a world called Eternicron with an 80s synth pop soundtrack and some peril from which it will obviously need saving.

Listening to Dark Of A Distant World instantly transports you to some alien land – the blend of traditional musical elements with futuristic distorted beats invokes every 8-bit sci-fi arcade game, and makes for a truly immersive experience. And for those of us who need a bit of visual stimulus, never fear: adding to XENNON’s world-building ways will be Travis Wright’s exceptional artistic representations of the mysterious, distant plains; his striking vision for Eternicron and its inhabitants will be included in a digital publication of the story, which accompanies any purchase of the album. Keep an eye out for a physical release in the near future too, because this multimedia project certainly deserves to be enjoyed in its physical manifestation.

XENNON releases Dark Of A Distant World on 2nd October via Timeslave Recordings


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