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Yorkshire duo worriedaboutsatan are a band that, in their own words, play spectral electronica. A skeptic-inducing description of their music perhaps, but an apt one once you listen to their ethereal soundscapes.

Flitting between psychedelic experimentation with synths and sound bites, calming and gentle melodic repetition and heavy dancefloor ready bass and beats, the music this duo create is intoxicating. Calming and anxious at the same time, their work carries a compelling tension that’s impossible to tune it out. A song like Blank Tape (the title track of their latest album) emerges from the speakers like a muffled dream, with the melody fading in and out of immediate earshot as if heard over static, behind glass or underwater, interspersed with bird song.

worriedaboutsatan’s music takes electronica into a distinctive and immersive arena, and carves a niche far and away from any generic dance music. It’s music that requires imagination from the listener, but also rewards the hard work. For those of you willing to put in the effort, their performance at Think Tank? Underground in Newcastle on Wednesday 15th February is set to be an ambitious, eclectic and hypnotic evening of electronic innovation.

worriedaboutsatan play Think Tank? Underground (downstairs at Head Of Steam), Newcastle on Wednesday 15th February.

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