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Image: This is Not A Show by Corie McGowan

Pineapple Black’s virtual gallery, PBVArts, hosts the work of the Working Class Creatives Database this month, taking the form of a network of rooms allowing the viewer to explore painting, photography, 3D design and sculpture, amongst other disciplines.

As of 2020, only 16% of the workforce in creative industries identify as being from working class backgrounds. WCCD and Pineapple Black have created a partnership platform in order to elevate those who would otherwise remain unnoticed.

There seems to be more scrutiny across the arts these days regarding meaningful career opportunities for people from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Working class stories are prized yet it is relatively hard to find them produced without a middle class filter of approval. Then there’s the soap opera hypocrisy, stories and characters rooted firmly in working class situations and issues, often dismissed by intellectual types as low brow fodder which appeals to the masses. Working class artists see schemes which enthusiastically seek to recruit participants from their background, but where is the long-term career support? Does interest in the artist evaporate once the box has been ticked?

This first collective exposition from WCCD will seek to unite artists and present a statement of intent, offering a broader narrative of working class experience in the arts.

Working Class Creatives Database: This Is Not A Show is at PBVArts’ virtual gallery from Friday 9th April until Friday 14th May

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