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Image by Tara Yarahmadi

Performance artist Jamal Harewood isn’t afraid of pushing people’s buttons. The Camden People’s Theatre associated artist’s previous show, The Privileged, sought to push the boundaries of audience interaction as Jamal, dressed in a cuddly polar bear suit, encouraged the audience to explore race, identity and community, eliciting often extreme reactions from his audience.

His new show, Word, which is at Alphabetti Theatre on Wednesday 26th-Thursday 27th September, holds a magnifying glass up to our use of language. Asking crucial questions about how words can be used to express our thoughts, feelings and prejudices, he seeks to ask if it’s really true that ‘it’s not what you said, but how you said it’.

Through the course of an audience-led gameshow, in which the attendees have the opportunity to become the host or a contestant, Jamal further attempts to remove the performer/audience hierarchy to enable crucial conversations to take place. If you’re not up for participation, this isn’t the show for you, but if you’re happy to be central to the discussions around identity and race, Word may prove to be a unique and important experience about how we choose to communicate.

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