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With their third album, Blue Weekend, released in June this year, Wolf Alice have their reputation solidified as a tour de force alternative rock experience.

Where previous albums saw them climbing up the festival ladder, playing everywhere from Leeds festival to Glastonbury, as well as tracks cropping up in films such as Trainspotting 2, Blue Weekend saw the London band at their most emotionally indulgent. With every track striking with affecting impact, the album spins through an array of genres and ideas that only Wolf Alice could weave into a cohesive experience.

Proving themselves constantly as a band that refuse to be pigeonholed or categorised, the record leaps from folk introspection to the dynamic and urgent purges of emotion on the heavier tracks such as Play The Greatest Hits. Threading the album together is the genuine and potently magnetic vocals of Ellie Roswell, who captures and amplifies the essence of each emotional direction the band veer off into beautifully.

Finally touring the newest chapter of the band’s progression, Wolf Alice come to Newcastle’s O2 City Hall on Sunday 9th January. Blasting through their now established and acclaimed assortment of hits, the band promise a night of anthemic tracks that will be sure to immortalised in the alternative conversation for years to come

Wolf Alice play O2 City Hall, Newcastle on Sunday 9th January


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