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Image: William Kentridge (self-portrait)

Being the art philistine that I am (I am aware I probably shouldn’t say this writing for a culture magazine), when I saw that there was a William Kentridge Weekend at Star & Shadow Cinema in Newcastle (28th February to 1st March) I naively e-mailed the nice people putting on the exhibition asking if I could interview the artist himself. To which I received the reply, ‘You mean William Kentridge himself??? Although we have been in contact with, and received permission from, his studio in Johannesburg… we have never spoken to William himself – that would be a bit like talking to Picasso!!!!’ All those exclamation and question marks made me realise I looked completely out of touch with the art world and so I retreated to Google to educate myself on the work of this great, modern artist.

South African artist William Kentridge’s work ranges from films and drawings to prints, sculptures, installations and large-scale theatrical productions. Based on his own life experience, he offers a fresh perspective on the modern social landscape that has recently departed from a South African context to more general concern of social injustice, revolutionary politics and the power of creative expression. 

Throughout the weekend dedicated to the artist, the Star and Shadow will be turned into a gallery with screenings of films, documentaries and projections in all its spaces offering a fascinating look at how his ideas evolve from concept to completion. There will also be illustrated talks, Q & A, discussion and a film workshop, which will shed light on the variety and multi-layers of his work and political position.

Johannesburg 10 Drawings for Projection

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