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Even as an avid student of American literature and culture in my university years, I never thought that the subject could be as engaging as Will Kaufman makes it. As a Professor of American Literature and Culture at the University of Central Lancashire, he’s already knowledgeable enough to talk about the hardships of the dust bowl. But Kaufman also happens to be a singing scholar, someone who makes academia and history engaging and riveting.

As one of the fringe events at this year’s already spectacular Durham Book Festival, Kaufman will be presenting Woody Guthrie: Hard Times And Hard Travelin, in which he’ll be using the music of Guthrie and others to present the story of America in the 1930s, from the Great Depression to the New Deal. The multi-instrumentalist will be bringing the time into sharp focus by using popular culture to help people understand the plight of Americans at the time and instil compassion. Kaufman is someone with an undying passion for his work and art, so this intimate, one-off gig is not one to be missed.

Will Kaufman performs at the People’s Bookshop, Durham on Sunday 11th October.

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