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Film director Paul Fegan and musician Aidan Moffat are set to visit the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle for a wonderfully special screening of a brilliantly funny and charming film all about music and death, as Where You’re Meant To Be is given a showing on Saturday 2nd July.

A tour of Scotland’s oldest songs from cult-pop raconteur and former Arab Strap frontman Aidan Moffat sees him reworking some all time favourite pieces of music from north of the border. During this, he encounters 79-year-old force of nature Sheila Stewart, a travelling balladeer who upturns his assumptions. While he views these songs as ripe for updating, she most certainly does not; so, with the wrath of Stewart ringing in his ears, Moffat embarks on a road trip that finds him dressed for battle in a Highland graveyard, caught between feuding monster hunters at Loch Ness, and singing in a dismissive farmer’s kitchen – before facing Stewart in his home town of Glasgow for an unlikely final showdown. It’s sure to be a memorable screening, with a Q&A with Paul Fegan and a live acoustic set with Aidan Moffat following. This is one place you really are meant to be.

Where You’re Meant To Be screens at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle on Saturday 2nd July.

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