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What do you mean you’ve never heard of Vandal Raptor? Honestly? They were only the greatest dinosaur-themed punk band there ever was (well, unless you discount Finnish juggernauts Hevisaurus of course). They were everything punk stood for: anti-commercial, uncompromising, never straying outside of that famed three-chord formula and who definitely didn’t sound anything remotely like T-Rex. And yep, they’re also completely fictional. In his new production at Durham’s TESTT Space on Thursday 12th April, Henry Raby is asking the all-important question: Whatever Happened To Vandal Raptor?

It’s the question that’s on everyone’s lips, and Raby finds the band 10 years on, now in their late 20s, frequenting their old haunt of The New Rose pub (geddit?) after accidentally reuniting. But this isn’t merely a tread into the past of Vandal Raptor. Instead, following and (sort of) inspired by a visit in 2016 to the British Library’s exhibition on the genre, Raby uses the fictional band as a cipher to explore four decades of punk rock, using their tale as a mechanism for looking into the nature of growing up, resistance, friendship and that one question: is punk rock dead? Fusing together spoken word, theatre and, of course, punk, this character-driven production will resonate with anyone who ever felt trapped by societal expectation and found solace in music.

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