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We Step Outside And Start To Dance is an audio experience inspired by an outbreak of ‘dancing plague’ recorded in the 1500s; a woman began to dance in a street in Strasbourg and kept dancing for a month, eventually being joined by 400 people. The craze was put down to mass hysteria brought on by extreme stress and hardship, so if you haven’t started dancing yet, now’s the perfect time.

The primarily spoken word piece, which will be available to download from Wednesday 28th October, has been written by local playwright Alison Carr and features a cast of three actors playing multiple roles. “Participants will be invited to join in and create beats and rhythms to dance to along the way,” explains Alison, with local people encouraged to tell their own stories about the power of music and dancing. “We’ve had some great stories and memories already, with people thinking back to school disco triumphs or ballet class embarrassments. These real life stories around music and dancing are really helping explore their power and how they make us feel – the good and the bad. We’re also making a playlist of people’s favourite songs to dance to and it is shaping up to be full of absolutely amazing songs!”

While it’s not a piece about lockdown or the pandemic per se, Alison agrees it’s definitely a piece for now. “It’s about an extreme uncontrollable reaction to extreme uncontrollable conditions, which is something we can all relate to. I hope it helps to express or articulate some of the things we’re feeling currently – lacking control, being overwhelmed, something that was once familiar (in this case dancing) becoming something alien. It’s easy to feel alone in those feelings, but we aren’t. There’s hope in there too, it’s funny, and it’s fun.”

This is one epidemic-inspired art form you’ll want to fully engage with; dance like no-one’s watching!

Download We Step Outside And Start To Dance via Alison’s website from Wednesday 28th October

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