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Superheroes. Can’t get away from them. Every year for at least the past five years there’s been a flurry of superhero movies flooding cinema screens. Why? Well, maybe it’s because the vast majority of superheroes were once just ordinary people like you or me. Peter Parker had to have an unfortunate encounter with an arachnid before he became Spiderman, Bruce Banner only became the Hulk after experimentation, and The Flash had to be struck by lightning before he gained his super speed.

A lot of them used to be a bit like teenagers Patrick and Mark, the protagonists of Dick Bonham and Jamie Fletcher’s latest play We Could Be Heroes. They spend their days dodging school bullies, reading comics and dreaming of escaping from their uneventful home town. Then they meet Mr Smith, a real-life superhero with his own canine companion. But can Mr Smith save the lads from the clutches of an evil gang?

Perhaps surprisingly, the play is inspired by true events and is oddly moving thanks to its underlying message about being able to face your fears and building on your own strengths. We Can Be Heroes definitely won’t be as flashy as those Hollywood blockbusters, but its timeless message and heart-warming story will leave you just as captivated.

We Can Be Heroes comes to the Live Theatre on Thursday 23rd April.

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