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Image: April Nerissa Hudson plays a fictional modern-day character in Wanted

Irena Sendler. Phoolan Devi. Dr James Barry. Olive Morris. You may not have heard their names before, but they are all fascinating historical figures. Sendler rescued more than 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto during Nazi occupation. Morris was an avid activist for women, squatters’ rights and was a British Black Panther in the 1970s. Devi, born into poverty and kidnapped as a teenager, spent 11 years in jail charged with 48 crimes before the state withdrew charges. She later became a member of parliament but was assassinated in 2001. Barry was born as Margaret Ann Bukley, but lived as a man both publicly and privately, partly to pursue a career as a surgeon. Eventually rising to the rank of Inspector General in the British Army, her gender was only revealed upon her death.

Gazebo Theatre are known for their productions celebrating lesser-known figures, including Walter Tull, the first black officer to serve in the British Army, and suffragist Emma Sproson. It’s therefore little wonder that for this Women’s History Month they’re bringing the stories of these four overlooked figures to South Shields’ Customs House in Wanted on Monday 9th March. Alongside the stories of these four figures, they also weave in a fictional young woman, a student and carer facing up to contemporary issues yet feeling isolated. In focusing on these women, Gazebo’s all-female creative team will present an enthralling insight into hidden histories.

Wanted is at Customs House, South Shields on Monday 9th March

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