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Remember the HBO series Game of Thrones, where everyone battled to the death for the right to sit in a spiky chair? Then it turned out everyone who was fighting for the spiky chair was a bit of a knacker, and you were probably better off chilling at the Wall or riding horses through the desert? That’s kind of the moral of Gateshead artist Victoria Owsnett’s first foray into her new solo project (she’s also a member of synth popsters AXLS).

Thrones is a delightfully sparkly electro pop tune, with deep bass beats chiming off Owsnett’s quietly assertive vocals. Of course, the song is significantly less grisly than George R.R. Martin would make it, but it thankfully doesn’t fall into juvenility. It can be so easy to regress when considering things like popularity contests, but Owsnett’s conclusions – that no one is any better than anyone else beyond a fancy facade – are suitably uplifting and mature. If you’re going to sit down in the middle of quarantine and work out some thoughts via the medium of music, then you could do worse than the personal breakthrough of Thrones.

Victoria Owsnett releases Thrones on 5th August

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