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Over the course of a long career, Victor Pasmore changed his artistic style more times than Picasso. Between 1954 and 1961 he taught in Newcastle University’s Fine Art Department and developed the Basic Design movement alongside Richard Hamilton. It’s rare, though, to see an in-depth retrospective of his works in the north, despite how the impact that he has left on the modern art scene and his ties to the region. It’s fitting that the Hatton Gallery, located on the Newcastle University campus, should be the space that gives Pasmore the exhibition he deserves.

In Three Dimensions, coming to the gallery from Friday 6th February, closely examines Pasmore’s work in the years beteen 1940 and 1965. During this time, he moved from producing fairly realistic and atmospheric paintings of the Thames to producing entirely abstract works. This period included perhaps his most famous painting, The Snowstorm: Spiral Motif in White and Black, which comes to the Hatton courtesy of the Arts Council Collection. From his early figurative works to the abstract pieces, the balance between form and shape that runs through Pasmore’s work is ever-present, making his pieces beautiful to behold even in their most ambiguous states.

Victor Pasmore: In Three Dimensions, runs at the Hatton Gallery from Friday 6th February until Saturday 9th May.

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