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In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, more questions are being asked about how our personal data is being gathered and given away on a daily basis. As we constantly log in to our social media platforms, information about our lives and interests enters the cloud. In this digital age though, is it even possible to unplug and get away from the technological trap?

Digital dance company Pell Ensemble are exploring these topical issues in their new production, Upload/Unplug, which comes to Stockton’s ARC on Thursday 3rd May. They’re inviting the audience into the realm of EPOQ: a live gaming experience. Within it, all of the gamer’s choices become data, eventually being uploaded to shape a new human being, David. In a unique interactive tale, via the choices made through a custom-built app on a mobile device, David will come to experience what it means to be human. Questions arise as he gains his humanity: is the data provided being put to good use? And what happens once EPOQ is over? With Upload/Unplug, Pell Ensemble are set to take the audience to the heart of the digital machine and ask searching, thought-provoking questions about the nature of identity and privacy in today’s society.

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