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In many cases over recent months we’ve been forced to project our personalities online far more than usual; we use the internet as a validation of who we are, proclaiming our likes and dislikes as a way to engage with our fellow humans. Newcastle’s synth pop trio Twist Helix have taken this theme and run with it with on their latest single, Frida Kahlo, released on 10th July.

Frida Kahlo is a song about identity. How in an online world we self-fashion an image of ourselves by referencing popular culture and art, telling people what we like, who we follow, what we wish to be, in a manner akin to the tradition of self-portraits.” The band explain about the track. “Named for the Mexican visual artist Frida Kahlo (an artist renowned for her challenging self-portraits), the track is not so much about Frida herself but how the mass consumption of images deviates from a true understanding of the self in favour of the popular, current, now.”

Kicking off with a shout of defiance, the track ably shows off Twist Helix’s ebullient energy; springy synths and repetitive rhythms underpin singer Bea Garcia’s incredible vocals as she switches between English and her native Spanish, rocketing through the track in barely two and a half minutes. It’s a breathless track of synth pop mastery which further demonstrates the band’s class and confidence, and serves as a delicious taster for their upcoming album.

Twist Helix release Frida Kahlo on 10th July


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