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Middlesbrough’s Pineapple Black gallery will welcome a new solo exhibition from Saltburn artist Tuhutzs this month, taking a sharply critical look at our wasteful habits.

A collection of nine oil works on calico, the artist’s work is typified by bold, bright blocks of imagery which when exhibited together create a large-scale depiction of throwaway culture, from the bewildering variety of food packaging and the inevitable bin it’ll end up in. Tuhutzs (aka Karl Bauer), explains his concept: “The subject matter on each changes though the content ranges from hamburgers, soda drinks, bins, tropical landscapes and faces. Throughout the work my narrative of choice is always an expanded view of subliminal culture; present objects we interact with, without much thought as to why. I feel a need to produce the element of ‘cool’ in my work, picking a range of items that feel genuinely culturally cool and presenting them, allowing the viewer to question why such subject matters have been chosen.”

The paintings were created over the last two years, and in bringing them together in one exhibition Tuhutzs hopes it’ll give the work a new perspective. “It is practically impossible not to produce some form of waste multiple times per day from something you interact with or consume. We are victims of design, choice, private profiteering and unstable global management.” He says. “We all require basic food and water, but do we really need the thousands of options and designs, left solely upon an end choice that is: what can you afford to buy?”

Tuhutzs’ exhibition takes place at Pineapple Black, Middlesbrough from Friday 31st July-Saturday 8th August

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