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Though print might not be the first medium that immediately spring to mind when thinking about art, Northern Print are truly dedicated to the form. So much so, in fact, that they set up the International Print Biennale in 2009 as the only event of its kind – and scale – in the UK. A significant part of the Biennale revolves around the International Print Awards, which are open to all artists across the globe with any interpretation of print processes (which can mean 2D, 3D or even film). Unsurprisingly, last year there was a massive 740 entries submitted and as a result, NP’s eyes were opened to a whole new world of print possibilities.

Two very different but equally talented artists that emerged from the competition were Trevor Banthorpe and Ellen Heck. Banthorpe’s take on print looks at what we’ve lost with the advent of digital, by taking the process of digital photography, by slowing it down, deliberately adding human error and making beautiful, colourful collages as a result. Heck, on the other hand, is currently exhibiting her collection Forty Fridas, a quirky take on print in which young women and girls are dressed as Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The collections are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, both in terms of style and theme, but they’re two glorious examples of the diversity of print that you only have a few weeks left to catch.

The exhibition of Trevor Banthorpe and Ellen Heck’s work runs until Saturday 19th September.

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