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Trev Gibb is about to say farewell for just a little while to the music business, but before taking a bit of time out, he leaves us with an absolutely astonishingly good parting gift; in the form of his new EP Everything Happens Too Late. The troubadour has assembled a small selection of carefully crafted folksy tracks with a tortured edge, set to be released on Monday 21st March.

While a distinctly lo-fi feel is evident, Gibb shows himself to be a tremendously gifted musician, piano, violin and drums crafting a beguiling, haunting musical undercurrent that allow his voice to shine. Gibb is very much a raconteur, sharp lyrics are crooned with a tenderness that is utterly captivating to hear. The eponymous track Everything Happens Too Late, uses swaying violins to perfect effect over delicate piano playing, as his singing melodically warbles in and out to brilliant effect.

An immensely assured and original songwriter, a talent he’s shown for years as a major presence on the North East music scene; he’s been a solo artist, collaborator with the likes of Field Music’s David Brewis and fronted the quite wonderful Deerhart. Trev Gibb here though offers up a collection of songs which shows a musician whose role in a vivacious music scene has developed a songwriter willing to follow his base instincts for songs that feel very raw and earnest.

Stand-out song Fossils takes things just a little bit darker, with beautifully poetic lyrics, simple, aching violins providing a chore to craft something that feels like it was written very much with a heart on the sleeve feeling. It’s an EP filled with pathos, which is felt even more knowing Gibb is taking a short break from music, as listening to Everything Happens Too Late, we can only hope he rushes back soon.

Trev Gibb’s Everything Happens Too Late is released on Monday 21st March.

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