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Shiver our timbers. Robert Louis Stevenson’s perennial children’s favourite about murder, mutiny and more bottles of rum than you can shake a stick at, has been adapted into a lively new production by the National Theatre and is being beamed live into venues across the UK, including some old hardies here in the north.

Buckle up and get ready to board the good ship Hispaniola, along with iconic characters peg legged cook Long John Silver (who set the fashion for sailing the seven seas with a parrot on one’s shoulder) and land lubber Jim Hawkins, for whom the dangerous voyage proves to be an eye-opener and then some. Together with a motley crew, made up of murderers, thieves and vagabonds, they set out to find a legendary bounty, marked on an old treasure map with nothing but the letter X. What could possibly go wrong?

The recent trend of beaming live theatre into our cosy neighbourhood cinemas has gone down a treat, with NT’s 2013 Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston actually performing better than the big budget film version of the previous year. This is an opportunity to see another literary classic transposed to the stage, all the while keeping a dead-man’s grip on the pieces of eight it would cost you to sail for London.

Treasure Island is being screened live on Thursday 22nd January at various locations across the region, including:

For a full list of venues, visit the National Theatre website.

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