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The First World War was a period of great technological advances. Not only were there major changes in warfare but on the home front came the development of advanced communication devices that have since been adapted and improved over the years. Sound recording professionals Tim Shaw, John Bowers and Tom Schofield are presenting two workshops that will be exploring these technologies and encouraging us to get hands on with their mechanics.

On Sunday 25th October, visitors to the workshop can build their own hydrophone. Not sure what a hydrophone is? It’s basically an underwater microphone, perfect for any marine biologists or aquatic ninjas looking to pick up the sounds of the sea. If picking up the noises of ocean isn’t really your thing, there’s also the chance to make a morse code transmitter, so you can send your own secret messages. On Sunday 8th November, there will be the opportunity to construct a short-range radio transmitter and a carbon granule microphone (they work by compressing and releasing carbon molecules to change the resistance inside the machine).

The Transmit Receive Workshops come to Newcastle’s Discovery Museum on Sunday 25th October and Sunday 8th November.

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