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Transit is the latest production from artistic group ZENDEH, coming to Northern Stage from Friday 27th until Saturday 28th January (with further tour dates announced soon), exploring trauma and how conflict wounds us all.

Reaching out across time, distance and an emotional and social divide, dual-national Darya meets her father Roger for the first time in ten years in the transit lounge of Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. The date of their meeting is significant: taking place on 4th July 1988, the day after Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down by a United States guided missile cruiser, Transit examines how this traumatic world event impacts the reconciliation between a young woman trapped between two cultures and a professor of music, blinded by privilege.

Transit references personal experiences of fathers and daughters everywhere, as each individual wrestles with the need to belong alongside the need to journey. Creator and director Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh has collaborated with writer Steven Gaythorpe to provide a shining light to guide us through the darkness of our global and local socio-political landscape.

ZENDEH is a Farsi word meaning ‘alive’ and whilst the subject of their new creation is intense and dark, there is life here: a celebration of cultural diversity, depth of artistic quality and freedom of expression.

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