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It’s hard to believe that Chichester even has a club scene, never mind a good one. So it’s easy to understand why TRAAMS’ singer Stuart Hopkins decided to start his own. Playing records by likes of New Order, Wire and Le Tigre at a night called Goo, Hopkins bumped into what would become TRAAMS’ drummer, Adam Stock, and bassist, Leigh Padley. Born out of the banal realities of town life, TRAAMS is the sound of dissatisfaction – a sturdy antidote of noise, fuzz and energy-fuelled chaos.

Their early EP Ladders was a sharp, to-the point re-imagining of gritty post-punk, with Krautrock bass lines that eventually formed the bones of debut Grin. 2014’s follow-up EP Cissa provided more melodic and generally brighter textures than before, still yielding a frenetic and energetic presence. Late last year, TRAAMS dropped second album Modern Dancing, an even more lo-fi outing of squealing guitars, slacker-rock vocals and catchy hooks, reminiscent of early Strokes and Television. If the prospect of TRAAMS gets you fuzzy with joy, then head down to Think Tank?, Newcastle on Saturday 12th March and get a hefty dose of loud, inebriated post-punk. Chichester never sounded better.

TRAAMS play Think Tank?, Newcastle on Saturday 12th March.

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