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Between becoming an expert on Vikrate (Viking karate to you and me), fending off trolls on Twitter under the guise of a Roman emperor and tending to one of the more explosive haircuts in comedy, one starts to wonder just where Tony Law finds the time to fit in his stand-up anymore.

But such are the perils when your act becomes as successful with critics and audiences alike as his. Having spent many years on the circuit honing his distinct brand of surrealism, 2012’s award-nominated show Tony Law: Maximum Nonsense proved a breakthrough moment for him, his act clicking into place perfectly.

In the age of the DVD commentary, Tony Law has carved himself out a unique comic niche in being the only act whose stage show feels like it comes with commentary already dubbed over, as he pauses and dissects his giddy flights of fantasy to dissect his own material and mine a rich seam of meta-comedy. It’s a high-wire approach to stand-up that he’s made his own, and at its best it’s like watching two master comedians perform at the same time.

Now touring this year’s Edinburgh Fringe set Enter The Tone Zone, the chaos and energy of his previous tours remains fully intact, only he’s managed to increase the strangeness and unpredictability whilst also revealing an emotional undertow that adds a new dimension to his work without undermining or negating the glorious, life-affirming silliness of his finest work. With rave reviews and delighted crowds continuing to come Tony Law’s way, make sure you don’t miss of the best touring comedians of our time.

Tony Law: Enter the Tonezone is at The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 23rd November.

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