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Located on Fawcett Street in the heart of Sunderland, the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art is a creative gem in Sunderland crown, frequently hosting exceptional local and worldwide artists.

In collaboration with CIRCA Project’s current venture BOOKSHOP, they present a screening of To The Editor of Amateur Photographer on Wednesday 20th January, a 2014 documentary film created by Sheffield-based artist and electronic musician Mark Fell and Turner Prize nominee Luke Fowler.

Fell and Fowler’s film centres around testimonies and collected documents linked to the history of Pavilion, the UK’s first feminist photography centre which was known for being committed to challenging dominant forms of representation and the specific biases within art history. Pavilion is a visual arts commissioning organisation, founded to merge the relationship between contemporary art and its politics, challenging the social and political boundaries that come with being an artist. Established in 1983 it became the first photography centre dedicated to representing and supporting the production of women’s photography. The extremely heightened social, political and economic conflicts of the time motivated Pavilion to fight against the patriarchal habits that had dominated the art world for centuries. Their success in this is well documented within the film, and to this day they are still producing voracious, ambitious new work with contemporary artists encouraging an exploratory process of research and discussion, across many sites and locations.

To The Editor of Amateur Photographer focuses on a radical shift in photography, whilst also investigating the issues that arise when history is presented through merely archival fragments and personal recollections.  It is an ode to the compelling female artists, past and present, and will hopefully provoke inspiration within future creative minds too.

To The Editor of Amateur Photographer will be shown at NGCA, Sunderland on Wednesday 20th January.

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