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“The British have good taste – after all, these are the people who sent the Stones’ Little Red Rooster to the top of the pops.” assesses Patrick Stickles. “I don’t doubt they will have a sufficiently sophisticated palate to appreciate our new show.”

Sophistication perhaps isn’t a word which immediately springs to mind when evaluating Titus Andronicus, yet fans of the New Jersey quintet are no strangers to confounded expectations. This was certainly true of fifth album A Productive Cough – released in March to a polarised response – and may well prove the case when they rock up at The Head of Steam on Friday 31st August.

Forgoing the raucous energy and feverish pace of the typical Titus live show, this latest tour will see their usual sweatbox aesthetic stripped to a novel acoustic set-up, with mainman Stickles joined solely by pianist Alex Molini. It’s a format that’s only previously been enjoyed by fans on the other side of the Atlantic, and promises to cast a fresh, intimate light on the new record’s ramshackle gems, not to mention cuts from esteemed, sprawling classics such as The Monitor and The Most Lamentable Tragedy. Sophisticated or otherwise, it’s another coup for local promoters Portions For Foxes, and one that’ll present this fine band as you’ve never heard them before.



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