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It is fair to say that Europe has had something of a turbulent history, stretching far back into the annals of time. Its last 100 years alone have been more than a bit eventful, from being at the centre of two world wars to major decolonisation. Even now things feel chaotic and tempestuous, with Brexit drawing a line between Britain and the rest of the continent.

There’s plenty of material to draw upon when creating a play that utilises the history of the continent as one of its markers then. Except This Restless State, the latest production from Fuel Theatre which comes to Alphabetti from Tuesday 17th until Friday 20th April, doesn’t just pick a single monumental event to form a background to its story. The production seeks to weave a narrative through three distinct points in time: at the fall of the Berlin Wall, present-day London and Rome in 2052, where a continental war and refugee crisis has lead to the first Europe-wide referendum.

This generation-spanning epic will be performed by just one man, Jesse Fox. Combining three personal tales within each setting and using evocative sound production, This Restless State is set to be an intimate yet powerful examination of family, national identity and conflict.

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