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Lady Kitt, the brains behind Newcastle’s provocative Nasty Women exhibition, brings us her fab new piece of performance art – entitled ‘This Boat Must Hold Us All’, in conjunction with Byker Community Centre.

Lady Kitt has a lot on her mind,  including gender, power and forgiveness. She’s getting everything off her mind and out onto paper – or, rather, into paper. On Saturday 2nd September, she’ll be cutting and tearing, folding and making – and is inviting others to help her in discovering the power of mass-making. For, according to Lady Kitt, she is primarily a maker: “Making is important. Making makes people happy.Making creates space and time for talking, thinking and appreciating.”

She makes things out of paper: she’s a paper cutter, performer, and researcher, exploring the social functions of visual culture and playing around with the traditional roles of maker, viewer, muse and the made.
This Boat Must Hold Us All is an ongoing project, a work in progress. Who knows where this journey will take us in the company of Lady Kitt? There’ll be interactive performances, collaborations (with unlikely collaborators), mass-making, facilitated discussions, fundraising and a series of ambitious paper cuts. This performance is, indeed, one ambitious in both scale and intricacy.

​Paper is powerful. Come along and see just how powerful paper can be.

This Boat Must Hold Us All is at Byker Community Centre on Saturday 2nd September.

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