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Thirsty, which runs at ARC, Stockton Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th November, examines why, for such a small nation, we have an enormous obsession with alcohol. Performers Jemma McDonnell and Kylie Walsh, of the award-winning Paper Birds Theatre Company, recently visited America to showcase their two-woman show, and have returned to the UK to perform just in time for the Christmas party season.

Far from being a lecture on Booze-filled Britain however, McDonnell and Walsh’s show looks to tackle the issues surrounding binge drinking in a funny, thought-provoking way. As part of their research, the company behind the show set up a phone-in hotline, encouraging women to ring and leave a voicemail in the middle of their night out. As you might imagine, some of these anecdotes turn out to be hilarious and heart-breaking in equal measure.

Now equipped with a Stateside perspective, Thirsty features recollections of hen dos and carefree drinking in the park, alongside darker tales of accidental deaths and untold sexual abuse. These women’s’ stories get to the nitty-gritty of why we feel so inclined to keep “going out on the lash,” and provides an alternative night out on the town – no booze required.

Thirsty runs at ARC, Stockton on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th November.

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