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ARC welcomes a new play from local theatre maker Adam Welsh on Thursday 18th January as There But For The Grace of God (Go I) comes to the venue. The new show features video interviews with the local talent’s parents, their accents and words adding something really special to the piece, with a really local flavour at the core of the work.

There but for the Grace of God (go I) was borne from a simple action – Adam Googled himself – and the resulting show was created around what he ended up stumbling upon; the tragic story of the similarly named Adam Walsh, a child who went missing from a shopping mall in Florida in 1981.

The drama goes on to draw comparisons between an unknown living man and a famous missing child. It then captivates as it weighs up the value of life and what real success actually is. With an immensely relevant heart, the play seeks to meditate on just how tragedy can render the world meaningful.

There But For The Grace of God (Go I) is at ARC, Stockton on Thursday 18th January.

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