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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die play Newcastle University on Saturday 10th March in promotion of their latest album Always Foreign. The American rock band have a certain flare for melodrama, and with a wide array of ever-changing artists contributing to their sound, every song has the potential to be in a completely different genre or style to its predecessor.

The band frequently combine indie rock leanings with lyrical pop styling, though the song content is often much more melancholy than those genres might usually allow. Recent single Marine Tigers peddles their distinctive combination of upbeat tempo and honest social commentary while dealing explicitly with issues of xenophobia and discrimination in the States, fittingly put to a haunting, slow melody. Faker is a sweeter sounding tune, which clashes with its content on politics and big business. Their name is much more than a difficult-to-abbreviate mouthful, it’s a mantra or a goal of sorts, and maybe by saying it out loud enough times the statement might become a reality. At the very least, promotion of such positive ideals is no bad thing, and it’s something a lot of people could easily get behind.


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