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If anyone ever asks me what my favourite musical is, I tell them it’s The Wicker Man. Some people might argue that it’s not a musical but it meets all the criteria. It has brilliant songs (from Paul Giovanni) that I cannot help but sing along to whenever I hear them, mixed in with some fantastic dance scenes e.g. the maypole dance during the Maypole Song and Britt Ekland’s seductive sway to entice Sergeant Neil Howie. It’s also a brilliant piece of British cinema and an iconic horror film and Apprehension, a regular programme of immersive film events in collaboration with Middlesbrough sound artist DIANE, will be kicking things off on Friday 21 June with a special solstice screening of the cult favourite at Base Camp, Middlesbrough.

For those who haven’t seen the original 1973 version of the film (please don’t confuse it with the awful Nicholas Cage remake), a mainland police officer arrives on the small Scottish isle of Summerisle to investigate the disappearance of a young girl and the film ends up with him screaming “Jesus Christ!” repeatedly until your blood curdles. I won’t divulge why as that would be a spoiler.

It’s a fully immersive screening as Base Camp is transformed into Summerisle with 360° projections, sounds, themed cocktails, costumes and even smells. There will also be a  live intervention by Middlesbrough sound artist DIANE who will also be doing a DJ set after the film. So unleash your inner cultist and witness a cinematic/musical experience unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Doors are at 7pm and tickets are £3 ADV / £5 OTD.

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