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And now for something completely different… The Whippet Beans describe their evolution in rather odd terms; apparently hatched from a hairy alien egg brought to earth by astronauts, they set forth to delight the citizens of Earth with their infectiously funky sound. Yep, as I said…different.

“The Whippet Beans formed organically in and around Newcastle, like a mushroom with twelve legs and a penchant for fun.” Is the more believable story, says Head Bean, Fraser. Releasing their new album this month, the band’s sound is eclectic to say the least – they were described in this very magazine as a Geordie musical version of Monty Python – it’s equal parts fun and highly skilled. 7ft Jockey’s bouncy melody, the trumpet blaring joy of Edvard Von Heidel and the rollicking pace of Freaky Ghosts are evidence that the group’s influences stretch far and wide. “We all listen to different genres of music and mix them up to create a bouncy tube of sound we like to wave around like daft ambassadors.” Says Fraser. “Our songs are all about things, and that’s rare these days, not emotions but things; we weave funky stories, some historically accurate, wholesome and educational, some are tales pulled from deep deep wells of silliness.”

Experience this well of silliness at The Cluny on Saturday 19th May, where they unleash their album. “At our live shows we guarantee kick bum rock songs about skip hire, smooth reggae grooves remembering the octogenarian revolution, a ska lesson in the life of the venerable Bede and a heart melting tribute to Lady Diana.” 


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