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The latest iteration of Get Hip!’s Stockton events offers another glorious eclectic combination of sets from their resident DJ crew of Mark, Tony and Graham (who deal in an anything-goes offering of soul, R&B, Latin, garage rock, psychedelia, Hammond grooves, funk and original ska) alongside a live performance from The Type Five, taking place at The Green Room on Saturday 16th July.

Hailing from the North East coast, the trio describe their sound as a subtle blend of psychedelia, kosmische, folk and underground-influenced pop music, resulting in an eclectic and enthralling menagerie of left-field, groove-heavy wonder, sounding brilliantly indebted to the anything-goes spirit of the late-60s/early-70s psychedelic explosion without ever drifting too heavily into pastiche. Look to releases such as She’s Crystallising for a key example of their delightfully unique approach, replete with relentless sixteenth-heavy hi-hat grooves, high up the neck bass riffs, echo-drenched vocals and slashing, Syd Barrett-esque fretwork, or the droning, loping Catalogue Girl for a fantastic melding of The Velvet Underground and Ride on a sea of tambourines and droning open chords. Even with these two tracks in mind, it’s clear that the trio offer a perfect analogue to the eclectic mentality that Get Hip! thrives on. Bring some earplugs and an open mind.

Get Hip! present The Type Five at The Green Room, Stockton on Saturday 16th July.


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