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Image: Mike McGrother by EnA Photography

Stockton is as underestimated as it is fantastic. The Teesside market town gets a bad rep, as so many Northern areas do, for unfair stereotypes surrounding working class areas. But that’s never stopped it from doing its own thing – be that becoming a rich cultural hub for the North East with some superb music venues, a place of unexpectedly reasonably priced eateries, or that time in 1933 when 2,000 of its townspeople came together to kick out a small bunch of Mosley’s fascist black shirts who’d decided on the town for one of their demonstrations.

There is perhaps no one who better appreciates Stockton than Wildcats of Kilkenny’s Mike McGrother. He’s embarking on an ambitious year-long stint at ARC to pay tribute to his beloved home town with 12 monthly performances, each focusing on one of Jung’s Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious. For those not psychologically savvy, that basically means a system of categorisation for the people in the world around us. The first event on Friday 20th August focuses on The Explorer, with subsequent archetypical characters – The Caregiver, The Outlaw, The Magician, The Creative, The Innocent, The Ruler, The Sage, The Hero, The Lover, The Jester and The Everyman – following each month. Expect special guests, musical collabs and definitely a surprise or two.

The Teesside ARChetypes: An Exploration of Stockton is at ARC, Stockton on Friday 20th August

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