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The awesome power of nature inspires a new production from James Wilton Dance at Dance City on Friday 16th November, as seven dancers set themselves firmly in the eye of The Storm.

Uncovering a delicate balance between the physical, the forceful and the awe-inspiring, James Wilton Dance strive to capture the beauty to be held in the midst of the maelstrom in their performance.

The Storm emulates the flurry of activity brought about by nature within a squall by creating a whirlwind of dance. This physical performance will shy away from the dainty and delicate; instead, backed by a soundtrack of electro-rock, they’re presenting feats of athleticism where acrobatics, break-dancing, contact work and even martial arts will fuse together in a flurry of activity. In amongst the tempest there’s an emotional heart to be found at the eye of the storm, one that might catch you more off guard than an unexpectedly heavy shower on a hot summer’s day. Raincoats aren’t required, but be prepared to be swept off your feet.

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