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What happens when an expert from outside the world of theatre meets the members of Improbable Theatre? In a nutshell, you get The Still, a masterclass in how to turn any field into a work of performance magic.  The experts have ranged from scientists to therapists, astrologers to economists. On Friday 6th and Saturday 7th February at their performance at Northern Stage, though, Improbable will meeting with master potter Graham Taylor.

Taylor is an expert in prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon pottery from Britain and Ireland. Sounds a bit boring? Taylor doesn’t think so: “To the casual observer, ancient pots in museum cases sometimes appear quite boring, I know that they’re not!  They are filled with clues about the lives of the craftspeople that created them.  In my Demonstrations and ‘Hands-on’ Workshops, I bring them to life by demonstrating the processes that went into their creation, and the part that they played in the lives of their makers, in a lively, educational and entertaining way.”

It seems there’s some real gems to mine from Taylor’s work and Improbable are just the people to turn his passion into performance. Improbable? Maybe. Impossible? Definitely not.

The Still comes to Northern Stage, Newcastle on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th February.

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