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Image: Faye MacCalman by Victoria Wai

Coming to Gosforth Civic Theatre from Thursday 17th-Sunday 20th March is a festival which will challenge all we think we know about science and music. The Sound of Science is set to celebrate the work of 28 musicians, artists and scientists who have come together to shine a spotlight on the role of science within music.

Merging chemistry with composition and biology with beats, the festival’s line-up demonstrates a huge variety of important jazz-based compositions and conversations, including Johnny Hunter’s Pale Blue Dot, an environmental suite to save our planet; Charlie Wilkinson’s Soapbox Science, which promotes women and non-binary scientists; Rebecca Nash Quintet’s Redefining Element 78 draws inspiration from chemistry; Lauren Kinsella’s work explores conservation; Graeme Wilson and Faye MacCalman explore improvisation in music and its relation to the patterns in nature; sound recordist David de la Haye presents a study of his work in ecoacoustics; and there’s chaotic systems and the collision of physics in music from Han-earl Park.

The free event is all about finding new, exciting and inspiring ways to learn about science through the viewfinder of music. “From climate change to vaccines, the importance of science to the way we live has never been clearer. Our events shine a spotlight on the role of science within music composition and improvisation, with a view to inspiring audiences new to one or both subjects.” says festival producer, Wesley Stephenson.

The Sound of Science takes place at Gosforth Civic Theatre, Newcastle from Thursday 17th-Sunday 20th March.

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