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Sci-fi The Signal sees three college students embarking on a road trip across America, before taking a detour in their quest to try and locate a notorious hacker. After tracking him down to an abandoned warehouse in the middle of the Nevada desert, suddenly everything goes black. When the leader of the group, Nic, finally regains consciousness he finds himself in a research facility, his friends are long gone and he’s at the whim of a probing, alien-contact obsessed agent played by Laurence Fishburne. As Nic delves further into discovering what has happened to him and his friends, he soon finds himself as part of an unfolding nightmare that looks almost impossible to get out of.

The latest in a long line of independent science fictions in recent years to be screened at the illustrious Sundance Film Festival, The Signal revels in it’s lo-fi, low budget status to create a moody and atmospheric thriller very much in the vein of District 9 and Under The Skin. Stylish, ambitious and thought provoking, this independent film is one to definitely check out when you get the chance.

The Signal screens at the Tyneside Cinema at the end of March. Check the cinema’s website for further details.

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