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I’m almost under Too Much Pressure writing this, The Selecter are such a staple of the ska and 2Tone scene that any Missing Words of mine might not do them justice, they certainly aren’t just a 3 Minute Hero. The Selecter are pioneers in the sense that they not only smash through racial barriers, but gender ones too, led by iconic vocalist Pauline Black they fully embrace the 2Tone ethos. Coventry is famous for being, as The Specials put it, a ‘concrete jungle’, but heck, can they produce a cowin’ ska band! When they visit Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Sunday 15th March you can expect to be hopping from foot to foot as the Hammond grinds and the ‘bone slides, blasting out their mixture of punk, ska and reggae. These guys were formed in the midst of financially perilous times, under a government intent on disaffecting the youth (sound familiar?) so the sentiments are as relevant now as they were 35 years ago. If you missed either of The Specials recent forays to Newcastle, then you need to get yourself along to this, but be prepared to sweat profusely. Oh and the dress code is strictly black and white, but this is Newcastle so you should be used to that…

The Selecter play Newcastle’s O2 Academy on Sunday 15th March.

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