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A new collective performance night is taking place at The Cluny on Saturday 25th February as The Rookery seek to bring all manner of musicians together and through collaborations and jam sessions create music that will figuratively, “punch people in the face.”

The brainchild of Rob Nugent and Joey Swindells (a recent arrival to the North East), The Rookery started off in the North West and, after Newcastle, there are plans to expand to other cities around the UK and eventually into Europe.

This isn’t just your common or garden jam night. Although the project started off with like-minded musicians just getting together, it eventually transformed into an all day session leading to a performance that brought in all manner of creatives – from fashion designers, photographers, artists and film-makers. The end result was an eighteen-track album, a documentary of the day, and validation of the idea that if you get off your backside and make things happen, then there’s a good chance they will.

With a purely DIY ethos and a determination to create something of worth during these testing times, The Rookery opens its doors to musicians of all levels and invites people to bring down whatever instrument they play and get involved.

The Rookery Launch Party takes place at The Cluny, Newcastle on Saturday 25th February with a jam day 11am to 6pm and a showcase gig 7pm to 12am.

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