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Who wants to be a regenerator? Self-elected think tank of the art world, Birmingham-based BAZ have their sights on the seedy issues surrounding the concept of ‘reviving’ our inner city areas. Their previous works, which often detail the idiosyncrasies of local art scenes, have included a satire of local authority marketing, an agony aunt column for aspiring artists and a billboard of public ‘artist-led’ toilets. So, like much of BAZ’s work, they’re tackling this hot topic with more than a dash of tongue-in-cheek humour.

Basing their latest project on classic Saturday night staple The Generation Game, The Regeneration Game will be played at the NewBridge Project on Saturday 9th April and features four art world superstar couples competing for a top prize, clever games, a bike-powered conveyor belt (for the cuddly toy) and, of course, a ginger Brucie. The couples will be put through a series of rounds, including Potato & Skins (all about street food), the Private View Fashion Round and the Modelling Clay Round. Will they be able to sculpt the Reuben Brothers out of Play Doh?

After the one-off game show, an exhibition will be on display at the venue from Tuesday 12th April until Saturday 14th May, taking a closer look at some of the issues raised by the live Regeneration Game. So come on down and meet the eight who are going to regenerate!

The Regeneration Game is at NewBridge Project, Newcastle on Saturday 9th April, with the accompanying exhibition running from Tuesday 12th April to Saturday 14th May.


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