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Landing in a strange netherworld somewhere between a Grimm fairy tale, a ghost story, and a parent’s guide on how not to bring up children, the Red Chair sees Director Suzy Willson working with acclaimed Scottish writer and performer Sarah Cameron to adapt her book into a physical theatre storytelling performance.

The result is an intimate solo performance from Clod Ensemble, a company which creates performances, workshops and other events in UK and across the world. Relayed in a rich Scottish vernacular that runs through the piece, a strange tale unfolding before the audience, one that includes a man who canโ€™t stop eating, a woman doomed to cook his meals, and an invisible child.

Strongly influenced and infused by the rich myths and legends which make up Scottish culture, the work also features a specially-composed score by composer Paul Clark which about which weaves together bagpipes and a string quartet.

The audience can expect to be taken through a work of twisted reason, extreme compulsion and eye-watering complacency, where domestic drudgery happens on an operatic scale, themes of food, feasting and gluttony recur throughout, and a father’s dereliction of duty reaches epic proportions.

The Red Chair comes to Northern Stage, Newcastle on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March.

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