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Here you go, way too fast. Don’t slow down and get your tickets for Hapless Museum Worker’s Hapless Hootenanny mini-festival at The Cluny on Saturday 23rd June. Now shut, shut your mouth, because I’m not listening anyhow because I’m telling you that this is a really, really good gig and you should definitely go to it.

What makes me so confident? Well, consider that The Primitives are headlining as part of their tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their album Lovely, where the previously-quoted-for-my-own-purposes Crash originated. Not just The Primitives though – the gig also features Gina Birch from post-punk legends The Raincoats doing a solo set; veteran Newcastle indie punks Milky Wimpshake; alt. country melodies from Tyneside’s Blackflower; Admiral Fallow’s Sarah Hayes and Field Music’s Peter Brewis playing songs from their recent collaboration; and shimmery indie pop from The Artisans. Not only this, John Egdell will be on the ones and twos doing a DJ set.

All this for a measly £16? You’d be a bit silly to miss this one, wouldn’t you? Now, altogether, sing it with na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaaaa!


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