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In the national effort to provide arts and culture entertainment in a time of seemingly endless lockdowns and restrictions, one issue of accessibility has been all but entirely overlooked: internet provision. Not everyone has Wi-Fi, and more still have an unstable connection, effectively excluding many from participating in anything our beloved venues and organisations put on.

ARC Stockton’s collaboration with interactive arts company The Bare Project might go a little way to remedy that, with their project The People’s Palace of Possibility. Presented as an opportunity to delve deep into the concepts of change and democracy, and to dream of alternatives to our status quo, participants will be privy to an immersive, explorative experience akin to mystery boxes and escape rooms, encompassing both theatre and storytelling as they’re asked to radically reimagine the world.

The best part? There’s no internet connection required, with challenges delivered to your door, and telephone alternatives for any bits that do suggest digital access. If you’ve found yourself twiddling your thumbs over this latest lockdown and are blessed with a TS postcode, or if you’re reading this on our site and have a relative or pal running up the walls without social media to scroll through, this could be the ideal opportunity to get your cogs turning and our society moving.

The People’s Palace of Possibility begins on Friday 19th February and will run for four weeks

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