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Acclaimed North East bluegrass band The Often Herd prepare to unveil their highly anticipated debut album, Where The Big Lamp Shines, at The Cluny 2 on Friday 3rd June. Known for their American string band style, The Often Herd’s transatlantic sound is intensely shaped by the natural and industrial landscapes of Northern England.

The band’s songs are often manufactured through both varied personal experience alongside an array of musical influences, from retro pop to folk rock. Where The Big Lamp Shines is a superb representation of those assortments, providing a taste of various instruments, textures and harmonies, whilst still remaining true to their bluegrass-inspired background. With exquisite musical and vocal technique, the album emanates a sense of beauty and joy.

Composer and mandolinist Evan Davies elaborates: “This record is a melting pot of all of our experiences and influences. We reflect on our lives as musicians, stories we hear around us and try to convey a sense of our place in the world whilst also being somewhat introspective.”

Having received praise from musical connoisseurs and with an abundance of achievements under their belts, The Often Herd’s fiery sound ensures this upcoming album is definitely not one to miss.

The Often Herd launch Where The Big Lamp Shines at The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Friday 3rd June.


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